Saturday, September 02, 2006

Artists that Inspire

I was recently given a book for my birthday from my better half and I wanted to mention it here. This is really just a shameless plug for a great artist. An artist that inspires me not only through their awesome painting skills but also for their willingness to share their excitment they have for their craft with others.

"Brom" as he is known in the fantasy art world has been creating really awesome works of art as far back as I can remember. He really got his kick in the industry when he started painting for TSR back in the day.

The book I received is called "The Plucker" It's an illustrated novel. Hardcover (first printing) 145 pages of fantastic
story (ie: fantasy but not dragons and orks style fantasy) Filled with awesome paintings and drawings in typical Brom style and quality.

I work in the games industry and got a chance to meet Brom last year as he'd been comissioned to do some work for our studio and was visiting. It was really refreshing to learn that his ego does not match his ninja like skill with a brush. Meaning he was a really friendly guy with not an ounce of "big-head-itis" We had a very animated conversation around creating art and the inspiration one gains from experiencing another persons creations, among other things. It would have been great to spend a bit more time chatting as he is a very inspiring person when on the subject of art and fantasy. Did I ever mention I'm a complete fanboy? I happily regressed to fanboy mode complete with book and big fat signature making sharpie.

If you've never heard of Brom and you'd like to come out from the rock you've been hiding under for the past....forever! Go check out and get yourself some inspiration!

Keep Creating!

~The Art Ninja..

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Hairy said...

Hey, this Brom bastard is superb. Not too often you fantasy nerds come up with something worth posting (kidding). Crap, I've probably started a riot with that last comment.

Nice blog, Jeffrey. Keep up the good work.