Sunday, December 17, 2006

Light Box

Here's a quick post...

In the previous post I mention the Light Box I used to shoot pictures of my latest sculpture.
It was really easy to make, only required a bit of planning and materials.

White Corregated plastic for the walls, picked up at the local hardware store.

Rice paper for the side windows. (I used what I had on hand which was chinese calligraphy paper, which I will most definitely blog about later on....;) Just taped over square opening cut in the side walls.

The lights were inexpensive construction style lights also picked up at hardware stores. Shouldn't cost you more than about 15 bucks each.(Can$) Try princess auto, they have sales periodically...
Just taped together with clear packaging tape. (use clear, as opaque will show as dark spots on the inside of the box.)

IMPORTANT. the lights are EXTREMELY HOT I turn them off if I leave the room, and keep them AWAY from the PLASTIC and RICE PAPER. DUH! If you make a light box don't burn your house down ok?

Why is it so big? So I can photograph lots of different things in it. As it's just shy of 2 x 2 feet square, it makes my sculpture look tiny! Trust me, the sculpture isn't tiny, the dimensions are shown in my last post.

Peace and Balance

~ the art ninja ~

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