Sunday, May 13, 2007

New art and new ideas...

Another quick post, I was sitting at home the other day thinking of how I could create something interesting that other people would be willing to pay money for, because let's face it, it's nice to be artistic for art's sake but unless you can actually make a living from it, it'll always take a back seat to your job. How can you truly devote your life to an artistic pursuit if you are always worrying about money?

While pondering this life altering question an idea popped into my head. Go over to my Cafepress shop and see what I came up with. I love it!. (If you know my style of humour then you would understand.)

I've come to the conclusion that art isn't necessairly just about creating fancy images. It's also about manifesting ideas. Without the idea, the image has less meaning. Develop your creativity and your ideas, your talent will catch up...

~peace and balance.

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